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Charles Carter

Charles is an parent, educator, soldier and mentor who realizes that one of the key components in life is building relationships. He has taught and been an administrator to students from K-12 for over 19 years.  He has served in the military for over 25 years. As a Major in the military, he has traveled the world and served in support of Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq. He also works with an organization called Epiphany that was created centering on exposing students and assisting educators from less diverse backgrounds with understanding of climate, culture, diversity, equity and building relationships. He is currently an Assistant Principal in North Carolina where he continues to work with a group of diverse students and staff. He works with students, families and staff to build relationships in the community to support the learning environment. He is a dedicated volunteer in the community who serves as a Deacon in the local church and community. His passion for helping people is what drives him to educate and mentor others.

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