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The series will unite a diverse group of HBCU alumni to discuss their experiences as an HBCU student, graduate, and how being a part of such a community assisted with their growth and development.  Lisa M. Stulberg’s quote, “If you are not part of the Black community, it is important to listen to Black voices first and foremost,” will shape the premise of our discourse. 


Through a series of black consciousness and thoughtfully designed sessions, the audience will have the opportunity to listen and learn from our panelists.  The conversations will hone in on the voices of those who can speak on various subjects that are finally surfacing and highlighting the importance of Black education and nurturing Black students.

We will engage the topics:


· HBCU Graduates with terminal degrees and how their experiences at their colleges shaped their careers- February 3, 2021 (1pm-2pm EST);


· The daily experiences of HBCU Faculty and Staff;


· The benefit of supporting Black colleges- February 10, 2021 (1pm-2pm EST);


· The meaning of the presence of Divine 9 Experience on college campuses and in the community and- February 17, 2021 (1pm-2pm EST);


· Present day HBCU culture and student experiences- February 24, 2021 (1pm-2pm EST).

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