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Kiera O'Shea


ePIFhany is a student focused company to help educational stakeholders help our students with soft skills needed to be successful in life. The company has a responsibility to work with all educational stakeholders to assist with the plight of our educational system; focusing on exposure and love.  While the focus is the student, the company also works with schools and youth organization for professional development and overall "teaching teachers how to teach ALL students" in a classroom. 

As an educator, lawyer, mother, and mentor I realize that one of the key components to life is love.  This same key component is needed to educate our children. Within this profession, we as educators, parents,  and stakeholders must realize that this is one of the secrets to improving so many things in education.   With my diverse educational background, practical experiences, and most importantly love for our students, I have experiences, stories, and tools to assist with the plight of our educational system. 

 The company’s motto is: “Without exposure, one could never appreciate the true world and it’s entities.”  

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ePIFhany has a strong team to implement our goals.  Read more about each of our phenomenal collaborators by clicking on their names.



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