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My Purpose


To provide professional development for students, educators, and other stakeholders on various topics impacting our K-12 and college educational institutions.


We create customized plans that outline how to best guide you, your school, or your entity to make transformation. Our goal is to impact, inspire, and to do this, we do this with our students in mind first and foremost. With such a mindset, the amazing team at EPIFHANY, LLC offers personalized and standard services for your institution.


How can EPIFHANY HELP YOU: Webinars, Conferences, Onsite Workshops, Executive Coaching, Site Visits, and Online Modules.

VISION: #MakeThemBelieve

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Teacher of the Year Speech

Teacher of the Year Speech
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Kiera’s Teacher of the Year Speech

Kiera’s Teacher of the Year Speech

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Kiera O'Shea


Kiera Vargas has an array of professional experience in the educational arena. Her personal experiences along with other professional experiences in the south encouraged her to do more for students and families that are voiceless.


Kiera Vargas is an educator, a librarian, and a law school graduate who realizes that each profession has a duty to assist with the social issues of the world. Her diverse background, practical experiences, and most importantly the love that she must be a change agent to assist with educational issues encouraged her to begin her Education Consulting Firm; EPIFHANY, LLC. Her company focuses on mentoring students and educators by assisting them with growth on topics that are typically taboo in society. Her experiences in classrooms, in libraries, and assisting within the many organizations that she is a part of has afforded her to know that our students can conquer the world with the help of like-minded individuals. EPIFHANY LLC OFFERS: Keynotes, Virtual Keynotes, Online PD Events, & Free Resources.

Kiera has taught grades from K-12- college seniors. She has taught in North Carolina; she was the 2019 Teacher of the Year for Madison Florida. Kiera has been featured on podcasts, webinars, and constantly impacts those that she meets. Kiera holds a BS in Journalism and Mass Communication and MS in English Education from
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She holds a Juris Doctorate from Charlotte School of Law. She also holds a MLIS from Drexel University. Kiera is currently a doctoral student at University of South Carolina. 

She has been in education since 2004. She has one son; Anthony Davis, who is currently a college junior, and one daughter, Sedinam Genevieve who made history as the sixth smallest baby born in the state of TN.

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Sarah K- Teacher, TN.

Kiera Vargas and her presenters conducted such a well needed informative topic. They didn’t
just provide us with textbook information, but they shared real narratives. They are needed in
our education system because for them, our students are not just numbers, but they are our

Laura D - Educator, NC

Kiera gives her entire soul to presenting topics on education. It is always refreshing to hear her speak. She speaks from her heart, her experiences, and the relationships that she has with her students and their parents. She is insight, and just brilliant.

L.M. Administrator, USA

“I love how she speaks from her personal experience. She has an insight and a gift that many educators do not have. She discusses hard topics and as a white administrator, I am thankful that
I truly opened my mind to listen to her.”

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